THLN Asks Texans to Adopt, Not Shop This Holiday Season

Shelters across the state are overflowing with puppies and kittens in need of loving families.


DALLAS, TX – The Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) is bringing public awareness to the overcapacity crisis in animal shelters across the state and encouraging prospective pet owners to adopt from Texas shelters and rescue groups as opposed to buying pets from online retailers or pet shops.

“One of the most important reasons Texans should adopt this holiday season is to ensure they are not inadvertently supporting and endorsing commercial breeding facilities, better known as puppy mills, that supply pet stores and sell pets online,” said Shelby Bobosky, Executive Director of THLN. “Out-of-state puppy mills are breeding operations that house hundreds of dogs in deplorable living conditions without proper food, water, veterinary care, or human interaction.”

The sole purpose of a puppy mill is to mass-produce puppies and sell them for monetary gain. There is no regard for the welfare of the breeding stock or the puppies that are produced. Puppies from puppy mills are often seriously ill, poorly socialized, and many times suffer from life-threatening congenital defects due to being poorly bred. 

“By adopting a pet from your local shelter or rescue, you will free up space for another homeless animal to have the opportunity to find a forever home and relieve the pressure on shelters and rescues. Plus, shelter animals are already evaluated, vaccinated, treated for parasites, tested for life-threatening diseases, and micro-chipped,” concluded Bobosky. 

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