Activity Descriptions

Power Broker 

  • Call/Write/Meet with your elected officials.  We will provide tips and guidelines.
  • Help coordinate local networking events for constituents to meet their legislators and discuss animal issues 
  • You can draw on the influence constituents have on legislators by hosting a meeting in your home or some other comfortable location. 
  • Take a shift or two at a tabling event 
  • You can write a letter to the editor in response to an article, an editorial, another letter to the editor or simply on a topic relevant to the paper’s readership. 
  • During the legislative session, attend committee hearings. Simply being there and being identified as being pro (or con) is an enormous push for your issue. 
  • Phone banking: Phone banking is an easy, flexible and important way to help animals. Volunteers place phone calls to supporters and voters around the State to support our legislative priorities and ballot initiatives.  They have already signed up to receive notifications and calls to action through THLN and are expecting our call. Subject matter varies widely, including wildlife protection, animal cruelty legislation, and companion animal issues.  A set of directions with a script to utilize will be provided. THLN volunteers will be available to refer to for any questions. 


Capitol Crusader

Legislative sessions get busy, to say the least.  This is when calls to action are at their highest.   Capitol Crusaders are hit-the-floor-running, game-time decision makers who enjoy the hustle of the legislative session.  You will become familiar with communicating with our supporters and keeping them informed about when their presence is most needed at the Capitol during session.  Signing in on bills presented to committees speaks volumes to our legislators. A healthy turnout of signatures proving constituents took the time out of their workday to speak up for a piece of proposed legislation means a lot.  It takes a team to coordinate action alerts and to direct supporters to accurate sign-in computers at the Capitol. 


One of the most common ways our supporters contribute is through donating or fundraising.  There are several ways to do this:

  • Become one of our monthly or annually recurring donors  
  • Give a one-time donation 
  • Be an event sponsor
  • Host an advocacy meeting
  • Host your own fundraiser for THLN
  • Write grants



There are times that THLN needs information via FOIA/PIA requests or simple internet searching, verifying and gathering.  If this is something you enjoy doing, we need you! 


Do you have over 1,000 followers on Twitter or Instagram? A thriving Facebook page? If you’re interested in occasionally using your channel to be a voice for humane laws for Texas animals, this opportunity is for you!  Serve as a social media influencer and share THLN Facebook, Instagram or Twitter posts on partner social media sites. 


Boots on the ground can be one of the most effective tools to engage our voters.  Campaigners will follow developments among campaigns across Texas and cultivate a team of volunteers to assist with campaigns for THLN-sponsored Representatives.  From the Primaries, to run-offs to the General Elections, each step of the process possesses its individual opportunities to effect change.  Campaigners will provide block-walking, poll support and watch party support, as well as canvassing to help Get Out the Vote on a humane candidate.