Activity Descriptions

Capitol Crusaders:

  • Legislative sessions get busy, to say the least.  This is when calls to action are at their highest.  Capitol Crusaders become familiar with communicating with our supporters and keeping them informed about when their presence is most needed at the Capitol during session.  Signing in on bills presented to committees speaks volumes to our Representative. A healthy turnout of signatures proving constituents took the time out of their work day to speak up for a piece of proposed legislation that they find important, means a lot.  It takes a team to coordinate action alerts and to direct supporters to accurate sign-in computers at the Capitol. Our crusaders are hit-the-floor-running, game-time decision makers who enjoy the hustle of the legislative session.
  • Help coordinate local networking events for constituents to meet their legislators and discuss animal issues
  • Attend Humane Lobby Day or Committee hearings in Austin
  • Attend events/town halls/public forums held by candidates or elected officials to represent THLN


Outreach & Social Media:

  • Write letters to The Editor on a timely THLN issue or bill
  • Serve as a social media ambassador and share THLN Facebook or Twitter posts on partner social media sites.  Social media allows information to spread instantly among a group of coordinated people. Through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, posts about recent legislative movements can prove to be an extremely effective way to reach constituents.  Social Media Ambassadors will provide updates among our individual State Representatives’ developments as well as notifications on progress as it pertains to THLN legislative goals. To be able to engage out Representative via social media is a valuable opportunity we have today that wealds a power that is currently largely untapped.  Opportunities are endless with informing our online supporters, to inciting action from our Representatives.
  • Graphic design for fliers or our website


Change Makers:

  • One of the most common ways our supporters are able to contribute is through donation.  Change Makers will be able to facilitate partnerships with local vendors and businesses to maintain a healthy network of fundraising opportunities.  From small donations for local chapter events to large donations for annual galas, donations require tracking and documentation along with follow-through for post event letters-of-gratitude.  The Change Makers will be able to coordinate the database with an updated list of connections and records as well as organizing logistics of physical donations.
  • Help organize fundraising events such as Yappy Hours or special events such as election watch parties in support of our Humane Candidates.  Skills will be utilized for events ranging from local chapter meetings to organization of galas. Basic responsibilities would be:
    • Coordinating logistics for supplies from set-up for games to raffle or auction items.  As well as set up for Audio/Visual, tables, chairs and decorations etc.
    • Will select and procure venue appropriate for event.
    • Will promote event on appropriate platforms via email, letter or social media.
    • Meet with vendors, sponsors and businesses required for planning.
    • Track attendance and provide post-event follow-up.
  • Solicit businesses for sponsorships or silent auction item donations
  • Serve on the planning committee for our annual conference or regional symposiums


Research and Data Analysis:

  • Legal research and data entry



  • Assist in identifying, coordinating and staffing events for THLN to table or exhibit and educate the public on our mission.  At planned events THLN provides opportunities for volunteers to greet the public while tabling and introduce them to and engage them in our cause.  Here we can implore our community members to take further action in signing up for action alerts. This is a wonderful opportunity to find likeminded people who appreciate efforts made to improve animal welfare issues in Texas as well as educate our Texas constituents.  The event general requires someone to set up the tabling supplies and shifts are provided with experienced volunteers pared with new volunteers to ensure a positive experience all around!
  • Speaker’s Bureau: Assist in identifying, coordinating and speaking at various community or civic forums or meetings, giving a brief overview of our mission and legislative agenda (i.e. Chamber of Commerce, Civic Leagues, Kiwanis, Young Republicans/Democrats group, etc.)
  • Humane Education: Speaking to youth groups about the importance of animal advocacy


PAC Partners:

  • Boots on the group can be one of the most effective tools to engage our voters?  PAC Partners will follow developments among campaigns across Texas and cultivate a team of volunteers to assist with campaigns for THLN-sponsored Representatives.  From the Primaries, to run-offs to the General Elections, each step of the process possesses its individual opportunities to effect change. PAC Partners will utilize our Supporter Outreach team for remote needs as well as providing block-walking, poll support and watch party support, among others.
  • Canvassing: Help flier your neighborhood or join a block-walking group of supporters to help Get Out The Vote on a humane candidate.  


Supporter Outreach:

  • Help us call our fellow supporters and ask them to contact their legislators when there is a bill that needs immediate action on the floor.  Phone banking is an easy, flexible and important way to help animals. Volunteers place phone calls to supporters and voters around the State to support our legislative priorities and ballot initiatives.  They have already signed up to receive notifications and calls to action through THLN and are expecting our call. Subject matter varies widely, including wildlife protection, animal cruelty legislation, and companion animal issues.  A set of directions with a script to utilize will be provided. THLN volunteers will be available to refer to for any questions.