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President's Message: Help Us End Unnecessary Dog Shootings in Texas

What happened to Bucky can be prevented!

Cile HollowayBucky was a playful dachshund-mix that was the pride and joy of an autistic boy from Arlington, Texas. He provided emotional support to the young boy, and was an important member of his family.

When police officers showed up at the family's front door to ask questions about a neighborhood incident, Bucky escaped and ran past the officers and on to the front lawn. The dog exhibited no signs of aggression, yet was shot by an officer five times. What makes the situation even more tragic is this dog was shot right in front of the little boy that had bonded with him.


And this story is just the tip of the iceberg. Texas leads the nation in dog shootings by law enforcement officers, and according to the National Canine Research Council, up to half of the intentional shootings by police involve dogs.

If you are shocked and disturbed by these stories, you are not alone. Concerned citizens have begun to voice their opinion, demanding that something be done to prevent these horrible situations. You can be a part of driving this change to protect dogs with a contribution today.

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