THLN, Houston PetSet Celebrate Houston’s Humane Pet Store Ordinance

HOUSTON, TEXAS – Today, the City of Houston’s humane pet store ordinance goes into effect, closing the puppy mill pipeline to Houston. On January 19, 2022, the Houston City Council passed a range of updated city ordinances, including a requirement that pet stores obtain their puppies from humane sources like animal shelters and rescues. The Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) and Houston PetSet worked with the City of Houston and other advocates to pass the ordinance.

“This will change the landscape of animal welfare in Houston for the better by stopping hundreds of sick puppies from being shipped from out-of-state puppy mills to Houston,” said Shelby Bobosky, Executive Director of THLN. “These transformational changes will help keep the animals and people of Houston safer and would not be possible without the dedication of the Houston City Council, Chairwoman Alcorn, her staff, and leaders at Houston’s city-run shelter, Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care (BARC).”

Houston now joins Austin, College Station, Dallas, El Paso, Euless, Fort Worth, Houston, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Sherman, and Waco in cities that have passed a similar ordinance.

"This ordinance is important for animal welfare in Houston," says Tena Lundquist Faust, Co-President of Houston PetSet. "It stops the flow of puppy mill puppies into our city, many of which are overbred and unvaccinated, resulting in illness and death. Additionally, more pets from shelters and rescue groups will now be adopted into loving homes, and fewer will be needlessly euthanized for lack of space. Why continue to fund commercial breeding operations when there are so many adoptable pets euthanized in our city and state every year? This makes sense for Houston on so many levels."

"We love our animals in Houston! I am very happy we modernized our ordinance to better reflect how much we value them,” said Council Member Sallie Alcorn. “Thanks to all the stakeholders who put in the work to make these important policy changes. Our city is now safer for animals and humans!"

“As a representative of the East End community, I was glad to be part of this process,” said Gloria Zenteno, Barrio Dogs Founder and President. “These ordinances are a step in the right direction to address these persistent and widespread issues in our community.”

For more information about the ordinances or to schedule an interview, please contact Cara Gustafson at 561-797-8267 or [email protected].


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