Stephanie Long

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  • Eric, do you know the easiest way to follow Hubbard’s case in the HCDAO’s pipeline and the court system? I don’t yet know her case #

    Four years ago, I was an intern (paralegal, I’m not an attorney) with the HCDAO. I was in Major Frauds, but the ADA responsible for the internship program, Jessica Milligan, was instrumental in establishing and strengthening the Animal Cruelty Division and in establishing educational campaigns about animal cruelty. I recently became a Humane Society of the United States District Leader Volunteer in the 36th Congressional District. But as a resident of Baytown/Harris County, my role as a District Leader also includes animal welfare advocacy at the local level. I intend to re-connect with Milligan to re-introduce myself and discuss including her in my advocacy network. I want the “in” on judges like Nicholas and other judges that have heard animal cruelty cases before them.

    I’d love to connect and network with you, too, Eric. Contact me at and let me know your preferred way of communication. Thank you for being an animal advocate!

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