Susan Everidge

Mainly, I feel a compelling and acute responsibility to make a real difference in the lives of all animals.  We can always improve our existing standards with animals, and fiercely move forward to conquer, change and ascend into new ones.

I have acted on the need to intervene where necessary and have done so on what I feel is such a small scale.  Although, ultimately the difference lies in the laws we establish, situate and abide by.  I firmly believe the violators of these laws, or anyone that mistreats or abuses any animal, should face the backlash of their actions.  

We all share the same planet, we all have a right to life .  All animals should be respected, admired and appreciated for their beautiful lives.  They are the innocent and marvelous creatures  that surround us, and we all should be appreciative and acknowledge that.  We have to share a limited space and that takes thoughtful consideration for their value to us.

We can offer the compassion and the physical help when in detriment that wounded or abused  animals need to co-exist peacefully for our mutual benefit.

And mostly,  since we have a voice, I feel it is our responsibility to use our voice and our abilities to protect each and every one of them from harm, neglect, abuse or violence.


Born and raised in San Antonio, TX. I carry a passion for the protection of the environment, animal welfare, and wildlife preservation. I am a member of San Antonio Sustainable Living, Earthen Construction Initiative, and Texas Unites for Animals. Curre