Telma Sepeda

  • I live in Bee County, Beeville Texas. There is a huge animal problem in Bee County. The Laws in Bee county are Not enforced. I found a beautiful German Shepard down my street malnutrition, abandoned by the people that were renting the home. Reported to Sheriff Department. Nothing has been done. Dogs on my street are tossed like trash, no food no water. When you go into the city of Beeville, One wonders if one is in the USA or Other Country. Have called around looking for Help. Can your organization Help me with this problem.

    I named the German Shepard that was abandoned Nyle which I have been feeding her for the past 4 weeks. Need someone to Foster or Adopt.

    Would also like the updated laws for animals in Texas, Please email me the Laws for animals. I will take theses Law to the Sheriff Department and the County Commissioner Sammy Farias.

    Hope to hear from you,

    Telma Sepeda

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