Keeping Pets Safe, one at a time

We have seen our share of horrible treatment of pets as we are called by homeowners to help keep their pets at home.  Want to do more to help awareness that pet legislation is important and necessary

  • Unfortunately, sometimes in responding to requests for a home visit to assess for Invisible Fence (our company) we have witnessed some horrific tie-outs, heard about dogs being hanged on a fence from the tie-out or dogs that were saved while hanging on the fence. The most shocking thing is that we see dogs neglected in all walks of life, where people should know better but just neglect their pets. We are able to help a lot of these people by keeping a habitual escapee home, which is why we are in the business. We want to do more to help with legislative awareness because it is needed.

    Our own pet, Cooter was hit when we moved into a house with a no-fence policy because we are in a flood plain. That’s when we found the Invisible Fence solution and ended up being able to acquire that business when a new owner was needed. Every day we and our staff are able to save pets that would otherwise be in danger.

    This page is for our supporters to share the story of how animals have touched their lives and inspired them to use their voice to speak for the voiceless. For comments, concerns or questions for The Network, please use our Contact Us page.


  • You can help make Texas a safer place for animals by spending just a few minutes of your time during the legislative session. By signing up for THLN's Action Alerts and responding to them with calls and faxes to your legislators, you can help pass humane legislation that make a huge difference to animals in the state of Texas. Every phone call and fax helps!

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Invisible Fence of Austin and Houston co-owner. Started in 1994, we have been able to keep the pets safe for 13,702 families so far.
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