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October 2023 | Action Alert

THLN advocates like YOU were the driving force behind successful Texas Licensed Breeders Program reforms. Recently, SB 876 lowered the number of breeding females from 11 to five and removed the sales threshold, which had previously enabled breeders to skirt the law through cash sales. As a result of our efforts, many more breeders will be subject to regulation, which ultimately helps prevent animal cruelty in large-scale breeding facilities and establish basic standards of care.

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) is working through the rules process to implement SB 876 as passed by the Legislature and accepting public comments.

AKC is lobbying TDLR to make changes to help certain breeders skirt the law. We do not want lawmakers’ hard work and the work of thousands of advocates across the state to be diminished by AKC. They fought every step of the process in passing this law and are now working to erode the will of the Legislature by undermining the Program through the rule process.

Between now and October 23, 2023, we need YOU to support these proposed rules that mirror the Legislature’s changes and ask TDLR to make no further changes.

This is only the first round of the rule-making process, and we will need YOU again in 2024. Together, we can prevent unscrupulous breeders from introducing possible loopholes during the current implementation period.

Summary of Proposed Rule Changes

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation proposes changes to the rules at 16 TAC, Chapter 91, Dog or Cat Breeders Program.

What are the proposed rule changes?

The proposed rules:

  • Require breeders to be licensed beginning January 1, 2024, if they possess five or more intact adult female dogs or cats and are in the business of breeding them for direct or indirect sale or exchange, regardless of the number of animals sold per year;
  • Create a new exemption from licensing for those breeding dogs primarily for breed or conformation shows or similar events; and expand existing exemptions;
  • Impose a new license fee category for breeders who possess 5-10 intact adult females and are in the business of breeding them for sale; and
  • Make minor changes to the requirements for licensees, and update and clarify the rules.

View ALL of the Proposed Rule Changes

When and where can I view the proposed rule changes?

The proposed rule changes will be published in the September 22, 2023, issue of the Texas Register. 

  1. View the September 22, 2023, issue of the Texas Register.
  2. Scroll down to the Proposed Rules section.
  3. Look for the heading Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, Dog or Cat Breeders Program, to view these proposed rule changes.

View the Texas Register Publication

How to submit a comment regarding the proposed rule changes?

Comments on the proposed rule changes may be submitted online. The Department will accept comments on the proposed rule changes until October 23, 2023.

Submit a Comment Online

See below for sample language to use. Note: When selecting a TDLR program/chapter, scroll and select the Licensed Breeders option.

Please use the following bullet points:

  • Explain that you supported the passage of SB 876 during the regular legislative session as it fixed two major loopholes preventing the Texas Licensed Breeders Program from working as intended. (Explain how you supported SB 876 – you wrote, called, and met with your elected officials.)

  • AKC wants more loopholes for breeders to operate outside the law. Ask them to ignore AKC’s attempt to undermine the Legislature and the Program by muddying the waters on the exceptions passed by the Legislature.

  • Explain that you fully support the legislation and the rules as proposed to make much-needed improvements to the Texas Licensed Breeder Program.