Penny Calhoun

  • Hi im penny calhoun. I live in Burleson ,Tx. Johnson County. Johnson County has one of the highest stray rates in the state. We have very few resources if any here where i live. There are plenty of resources for Burleson Tx if you live on the Tarrant County side of the town. Burleson Tx is in two different counties. I live on the Johnson County side where there are no resources or help with the strays or

    abandoned and abused animals. I have tried to call the Humane society of North Texas and they told me to call my Sheriffs department to handle animal abuse and neglect calls in my area. I called the Sheriffs department , they would come out and ask a few questions then leave. Then the abuse and neglect continue. I want to be their voice. I want to make a difference here in Johnson County. We need change in this County.

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