Clark Denson

I have spent several hours researching your site and cause. I too believe in animal advocacy. Dogs are one of my passions, and their welfare is important to me. I am humbled and impressed by the success THLM has recently had on several fronts at the close of the Texas legislative session in 2021. Somehow I have never heard of THLN until recently. I have been in the weeds of dog rescue since 2009. We do our small part trying to save one dog at a time. I admire any organization which is "effective" at being able to legislatively enact laws that will ultimately save 1000's of dog lives.  

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    THLN is looking for enthusiastic, self-motivated individuals to join in our mission to advocate for Texas animals by effecting systemic change. If you’ve got a passion for animals and want to contribute to making a tangible difference in thousands of Texas animal’s lives, volunteer with us and become part of the most powerful statewide network for animals.

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  • You can help make Texas a safer place for animals by spending just a few minutes of your time during the legislative session. By signing up for THLN's Action Alerts and responding to them with calls and faxes to your legislators, you can help pass humane legislation that make a huge difference to animals in the state of Texas. Every phone call and fax helps!

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I am a strong animal advocate. I have been heavily involved in animal rescue since 2009. I have two saved rehabilitated puppy mill dog parents who came from a commercial puppy mill that was shut down in Arkansas in 2016.