• Helping Law Enforcement Help Animals

    Article Written By: Jessica Milligan, Assistant District Attorney and Animal Cruelty Section Chief for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and Sarah Dimas, HCDAO Intern and South Texas College of Law Class of 2019 Law Student

    It’s an average May morning in Texas. The temperature is rising. A concerned citizen comes home after dropping her kids off at school and sees the same mixed-breed dog she has seen the last several days in her neighbor’s backyard. She knows the dog has lived with her neighbor for the last couple of years and was healthy when he first brought it home. However, over the last month, the dog’s coat has begun to disappear and mange has taken over. Each day, it seems the dog gets skinnier and skinnier, its skeleton now showing through its mange-ridden and dirty coat. As usual, the food bowls in the back yard are empty and turned over. There’s only a bucket of bug-infested, dirty rain water left in the yard for the animal to drink. The dog’s nails are overgrown and it doesn’t seem to walk around much anymore, either due to the pain in its paws or its pure lack of energy from malnutrition. The dog’s whimpering now and clearly asking for help. What should the concerned citizen do? Should she jump the fence and take the animal to her veterinarian? Should she call a local rescue group for help? Or should she call 911?

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