Autumn Thornburg

  • My name is Autumn Thornburg. I just recently moved to Killeen. On May 28,2017 my dog was stolen out of my backyard by my boyfriend’s Aunt. While the dog was surrendered to me in February of this year by my boyfriend’s family Aunt. She traveled to Killeen on May 28,2017 from Big Spring, Texas and without permission took the dog. This person is known as Ermelinda Cano or ’’Melinda’’. She has a lengthy theft record as well as trespassing and assult of a Peace Officer. I have gone through so much legal stuff to try and get my dog back. As the State of Texas sees pets as property, I see him as my four legged child. My boyfriend and I also adopted another dog for Reggie to have a playmate. As you can imagine she is beside herself that Reggie is not here.

    Currently, the process to get my dog back is taking too long. I am concerned about the welfare of my dog. I have had to speak to officers in both Bell county and Howard county (This is where Ermelinda took Reggie my dog) I have sent her certified letters requesting the return of Reggie,spoke with family members, made civil and now a criminal case, as well as, sending Animal control in her county to check on Reggie. Today, Killeen police made a criminal case, but depending on the case load of the Investigator that will handle our case; it could be weeks, months,or a year before we can get our dog back. This is simply unexceptionable! His welfare is in jeopardy and we worry we will never see him again. This type of situation needs to be a priority and should be handled with in a 48 hour period. When the welfare of an animal is being questions officers should be able to use their better judgement and apprehend the dog, returning it to the rightful owner.

    Especially when the thief is a known criminal and has a history of drug use. Please help me not only get the safe return of my dog Reggie but also to help others in similar situations get their pets home as well. I thank you for your time. I look forward to speaking to you soon about this matter in the future, hopefully. #ReturnReggie

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