2nd Annual Laws for Paws Symposium

*This symposium has been canceled due to the cancellation of the Texas Unites for Animals Conference.



Texas Humane Legislation Network is pleased to announce its second annual “Laws for Paws” Symposium in partnership with Texas Unites! 

We are pleased to announce our inaugural 2020 “Laws for Paws” Animal Law Track, in partnership with Texas Unites! This tract will focus on trending topics specific to animal laws and presentations will focus on the most recent and up to date laws on a local, federal and state level.  The content of this tract will be accessible for those animal-related professionals seeking to promote change in local laws and policy or understand the nuances of enforcing such laws along with cutting-edge and trending topics relating to animal legislation.

Sessions will address trending legal issues such as service dogs, animal cruelty cases, dangerous dogs and local laws related to hold times for animals at the shelter. Attendees will also learn what laws passed at the Austin Capitol in 2019 and how to help advance local animal laws. The day will end with an Ask an Animal Lawyer presentation.

For more information on this Track, and to register for the conference, please visit the Texas Unites For Animals web site here.

April 27, 2020 at 9:00am - 12pm

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