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  • I live in a community that is in the country , we don’t have people to enforce laws out here like they should. There are a lot of animals that live on Chains or are confined to dog runs they get no social interaction. I would like to see these laws change for these poor animals that have to suffer
  • On July 21, 2017, approximately 11:00 am, I entered Dog Shoppe in Levelland Texas and asked if there was time to bathe and clip my dog Slipknot. the groomer replied that she was busy but would work her in. I agreed, thinking that this would be about a 4 hour procedure as it had in the past.

    About 3pm, I called and was told my dog had to be dipped for fleas and subsequently air dried. I was not notified prior to this being done. Closer to 5 pm I again call and was told she was fixing to be clipped. I knew the shop closed at 6 so assumed it wouldn’t take too long. I call closer to 6 and was told the groomer would drop her off. 7pm comes and I again call. I am told the dog is just about ready and I advise I will pick her up. In the 5-8 minutes it tool me to drive there, apparently my dog went out the front door, unobserved. Said front door was being held ajar when I got there, by a person talking to the groomer. I do not know what the conversation was about, but the lady seemed unhappy and told the groomer to “hurry up”. When I asked about my dog, we realized she was not in the building! The groomer advised me to “go home” and she would find the dog. I did not hear from her again that night. Meanwhile, I went and started my own fruitless search.

    I, and others, have been searching for my dog for almost 2 weeks and have not yet found any trace of her besides some “possible” sightings. Since her collar had been removed for grooming purposes, anyone seeing her would most likely assume she was just a stray mutt. This is a small town, but there are lots of hiding places and two busy highways.

    The heartbreak of losing my baby girl of 9 years has been nothing short of a never ending nightmare! This should have never happened and would not have happened had ordinary care, caution and proper restraint been in use. The groomer was more involved in her conversation with her friend than paying attention to her client’s dog or she would have seen the dog go out the door!

    The dog had been there over 7 hours. The dog had also been to the veterinarian that morning for her annual shots. The dog was stressed to the max by that point and undoubtedly just wanted to go home! If she was not going to be able to perform the service in a timely manner, she should have advised me of that and made an appointment for a later date. the Dog Shoppe has done little if anything to assist in my efforts to find my dog. The entire effort has been left to my family, friends and animal control. I have spent lots of time and money on fliers, driving, and reward offers. I have posted to every area lost dog Facebook site I can find!

    In conclusion: Dog Shoppe needs to put out effort to find my dog. If something happened while my dog was in their care that I have not been told about, they need to tell me. Ideally, they need to find my dog and return her to me! Due to the incident outlined above, Dog Shoppe needs to be held accountable for lack of ordinary and reasonable care and also negligence. This incident could have easily been prevented.

    Money cannot replace my loving companion of nine years. I have cried every night since this happened, feeling responsible for not picking her up earlier whether she was “done” or not. Dog Shoppe needs to be held accountable or should be closed down! I was deceived into thinking that my dog would be safe in their care. I turned my dog over to them for a simple grooming, only to never see her again! No one else should have to go through this heartbreak! Why is there no licensing for groomers in Texas? Why is there no oversight of grooming facilities?

    Our animals cannot speak for themselves!
  • After we recovered from losing our rescue Lab my wife and I started a search for another dog . We were amazed at the number of black labs up for adoption, and we looked at hundreds online. We finally selected several to look at in person . One Saturday we drove to Houston to see a puppy in a foster home. He was a cute one but something did not ring up for us. Returning to College Station we came through Conroe to visit the Montgomery County animal shelter.

    It was a typical summer day (hot and humid) as we visited two labs in the kennels we had seen on the Lab Rescue website. It seemed they were miserable in those conditions and not really interested in being displayed. But before we left the shelter (which was almost overwhelmed with hundreds of animals), we asked the director where “Rufus” was. They had not shown him to as we had requested when we got there.

    We were told that he was “aggressive” and being kept in isolation, where he had been for weeks. It has also intimated that he probably would “not be around much longer”.

    They asked us to step into a fenced enclosure behind the building and they would fetch Rufus.

    Three of us were waiting when they brought him through the gate and took his leash off.

    He immediately took off running the fence line at top speed. On about the third lap around the large yard he stopped about 100 feet from us and looked down. He then picked up a doggie toy, trotted over and dropped it right at my feet.

    He is our “Bennie Boy” now for over a year. He is a playful, funny, beautiful companion and we are so happy he chose us!

  • My name is Autumn Thornburg. I just recently moved to Killeen. On May 28,2017 my dog was stolen out of my backyard by my boyfriend’s Aunt. While the dog was surrendered to me in February of this year by my boyfriend’s family Aunt. She traveled to Killeen on May 28,2017 from Big Spring, Texas and without permission took the dog. This person is known as Ermelinda Cano or ’’Melinda’’. She has a lengthy theft record as well as trespassing and assult of a Peace Officer. I have gone through so much legal stuff to try and get my dog back. As the State of Texas sees pets as property, I see him as my four legged child. My boyfriend and I also adopted another dog for Reggie to have a playmate. As you can imagine she is beside herself that Reggie is not here.

    Currently, the process to get my dog back is taking too long. I am concerned about the welfare of my dog. I have had to speak to officers in both Bell county and Howard county (This is where Ermelinda took Reggie my dog) I have sent her certified letters requesting the return of Reggie,spoke with family members, made civil and now a criminal case, as well as, sending Animal control in her county to check on Reggie. Today, Killeen police made a criminal case, but depending on the case load of the Investigator that will handle our case; it could be weeks, months,or a year before we can get our dog back. This is simply unexceptionable! His welfare is in jeopardy and we worry we will never see him again. This type of situation needs to be a priority and should be handled with in a 48 hour period. When the welfare of an animal is being questions officers should be able to use their better judgement and apprehend the dog, returning it to the rightful owner.

    Especially when the thief is a known criminal and has a history of drug use. Please help me not only get the safe return of my dog Reggie but also to help others in similar situations get their pets home as well. I thank you for your time. I look forward to speaking to you soon about this matter in the future, hopefully. #ReturnReggie
  • Unfortunately, sometimes in responding to requests for a home visit to assess for Invisible Fence (our company) we have witnessed some horrific tie-outs, heard about dogs being hanged on a fence from the tie-out or dogs that were saved while hanging on the fence. The most shocking thing is that we see dogs neglected in all walks of life, where people should know better but just neglect their pets. We are able to help a lot of these people by keeping a habitual escapee home, which is why we are in the business. We want to do more to help with legislative awareness because it is needed.

    Our own pet, Cooter was hit when we moved into a house with a no-fence policy because we are in a flood plain. That’s when we found the Invisible Fence solution and ended up being able to acquire that business when a new owner was needed. Every day we and our staff are able to save pets that would otherwise be in danger.
  • This pretty girl was taken in as a puppy by neighbors across the street from us. She was bred when she was less than a year old, and had a couple of litters. The recent litter consisted of 8. Most were sold. Another neighbor next door to her was feeding by throwing food across the fence. The food and water bowl you see there was never full. 3 of her puppies died in the backyard around her, and being tethered, she could not reach them. It was a horrific, horrific time. We called ACS and they came out twice. The people in the house put the puppies in a duffle bag and threw them in the trash. I could go on and on. Anyway, miraculously and thankfully, she chewed through the line that restricted her and she came running over to our house dragging the gnawed thru line. We took her to a friend of mine, who lovingly took care of her until she was adopted by a young veterinarian student. I named her Liberty, because her escape was on July 4th, and she gained her freedom herself! Beautiful Girl:) **This is a copy of my post on the THLN Facebook page. Please go there now to see pictures! Thank you! Susan~
  • I have not heard a response to this letter. I also filed complaint against the veterinarian who runs “austin pets alive” but the texas veterinary board claims to have no jurisdiction over shelters. Anyone know what I can do here?

    P. O. Box 301501

    Austin, TX 78703

    January 3, 2017

    Tawny Hammond

    Chief Animal Services Officer

    Austin Animal Center

    7201 Levander Loop

    Building A

    Austin, TX 78702

    Dear Ms. Hammond-

    On September 15, 2016 I surrendered my tortie cat Pretty Boy #1 (now known as Pretty) to the Austin Animal Center on Levander Loop. I adopted the cat 8 years ago when it showed up in my neighborhood, and I have provided regular care for her (it is a female cat) during that period of time, mostly at the Central Texas Cat Hospital in Round Rock. In the last year the cat developed stomatitis which, as you know, is a treatable but not usually a curable condition characterized by bleeding and inflammation in the mouth. This causes the cat great pain and interferes with its ability to eat. I turned the cat in because I could no longer provide care for it. It was costing $100 to $150 per month at the veterinary clinic and the cat kept hiding outdoors and not eating once its mouth started hurting. When it received its monthly shots at the veterinarian office the condition would clear up and the cat would be able to eat kibble with no problem but its condition would deteriorate over the course of 4-6 weeks until it got its next round of shots. I believed that the Austin Animal Center would be able to either give it the continuing treatment it needed or euthanize the cat to take it out of its misery. After the Austin Animal Center did give it some treatment, they passed the cat to Austin Pets Alive at 1156 W. Cesar Chavez. I visited the Austin Pets Alive facility on January 1, 2017 and observed that the cat was ill and didn’t appear to have received medical care recently. The cat was listless and had foaming blood oozing from its mouth. In the past, when I have brought the cat to Dr. Smith in Round Rock and gotten its shots, its mouth clears up and the cat becomes very active outdoors going on hikes with me and catching mice. It is my contention that this cat is not receiving proper care and is in a condition of suffering. I can recognize when the cat is ill because I cared for it for 8 years. I spoke with the cat manager at the facility who claimed the cat was receiving treatment. I asked her to show me the treatment record which she refused to do. I informed her that I did not believe the cat was receiving proper treatment based on my familiarity with the cat and I told her I would be filing complaint. At that point, and in a very intimidating manner, she escorted me off the premises. She was not willing to listen to the information I had to give her about the cat. I believe the condition of the cat now may constitute animal cruelty even though it may not be intentional but is related to a lack of understanding of what the cat needs. On Monday, January 2, I called Austin 311 and filed an animal cruelty complaint and I am waiting for a response to that. What can you do for this cat Tawny to ensure that it will be taken care of?


    Stephen Allen

  • I received a animal call on a injured cat on a highway. This cat had an injury to its eye and had a rash /burn mark on neck. He was very angry which I would be to. I thought I found the perfect home until he went to attack the lady. I knew he was too aggressive to be adopted out so he came home with me. I bought him a collar with a name tag that said “jaws”. I told my neighbors not to touch him. I had him for two years and he finally licked me this morning. He sits on my lap and is finally trusting me not to hurt him. His eye will never heal and he has severe emotional scars and the veterinarians hate him but I love him. No animal should ever be thrown out of a vehicle. He will now be loved if only by me.