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You can help make Texas a safer place for animals by spending just a few minutes of your time during the legislative session. By signing up for THLN's Action Alerts and responding to them with calls and faxes to your legislators, you can help pass humane legislation that make a huge difference to animals in the state of Texas. Every phone call and fax helps!

Simply provide your email below and select how you want to stay in touch with us. Please check your email progam to make sure your spam filters allow emails from the Texas Humane Legislation Network website (action_alerts@thln.org).

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6.16.15 Alert: THLN 2015 Texas Legislative Session Report

Quick Summary: Announcement: THLN's 2015 Legislative Session Report is now available. TAKE ACTION! Click here to help.

6.14.15 Alert: THLN 7th Annual Conference & Gala Information and Sponsorship Opportunities

Quick Summary: Sponsorship opportunities for the THLN 2015 Animal Advocacy Conference & Break the Chain Gala. TAKE ACTION! Click here to help.

4.30.15 Alert: We Love Humane Legislators! Let them Know!

Quick Summary: HB 2562 was heard in the House Committee on Public Health and HB 593 had a hearing in the Senate Committee on Criminal Justice. Not only were both bills voted on favorably, both bills received zero oppositional votes in these committees. TAKE ACTION! Click here to help.

4.24.15 Alert: 2015 Animal Advocacy Conference & Break the Chain Gala

Quick Summary: Mark your calendars for the 7th Annual THLN Animal Advocacy Conference and Gala! TAKE ACTION! Click here to help.


Quick Summary: The bill creates special tax breaks for American Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) accredited facilities like the Dallas World Aquarium. TAKE ACTION! Click here to help.

3.06.15 Alert: Support HB 593 Requiring Canine Encounter Training for Texas Peace Officers

Quick Summary: Bill HB 593 creates mandatory training for law enforcement officers to prevent unnecessary dog shootings. TAKE ACTION! Click here to help.

12.22.14 Alert: It's Been A Great Year!

Quick Summary: Many great things have happened for the State of Texas in 2014. TAKE ACTION! Click here to help.

10.11.14 Alert: Support THLN's bill to help Tethered Dogs in Texas

Quick Summary: THLN asked a local Dallas animal advocate to tour areas with inhumanely tethered dogs in order to better advocate for THLN's Humane Tethering Bill in 2015. This bill will fix many of the problems witnessed on this tour. This bill might be the only chance some small towns will have to help tethered dogs. TAKE ACTION! Click here to help.

9.20.14 Alert: Horses Still Need Your Help To Prevent Cruel Horse Soring

Quick Summary: This abuse is happening in Texas. THLN has joined a broad coalition in the support of the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act, and together with them, we need to mount a renewed push to pass this legislation to protect horses! TAKE ACTION! Click here to help.

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